Grind Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste with Hydroxyapatite, 4oz


Grind Toothpaste. A hyper-premium charcoal toothpaste that delivers results. This is not your average toothpaste. 10-months of research, development and testing went into making this paste to ensure perfection. Loaded with high-demand ingredients to provide you an amazing toothpaste experience.


  • BRUSH LIKE YOU WANT IT: With the most advanced activated charcoal toothpaste ever created. A natural whitener that strengthens enamel, combats cavities, freshens breath, soothes, moisturizes, polishes and cleans. Loaded with antibacterial, anti-plaque, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Made in Utah (Mint Elevated). A testament to this finely balanced and superior coco-mint flavor. 

  • DIFFERENT (BY DESIGN): You can choose to go basic with your typical “Fluoride-Free” paste; or you can #getafterit with Grind. We replaced fluoride with two natural alternatives - hydroxyapatite & theobromine; added an effective amount of activated charcoal (derived from coconut shells); then went all-in by adding: Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Ginseng, Black Tea, Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil and Mint. 

  • THE POWER COUPLE: Hydroxyapatite & Theobromine are both backed by science; proven safe & effective at remineralizing (naturally). HYDROXYAPATITE: A natural mineral that strengthens enamel; and the main component of your teeth, encompassing 97% of your enamel. THEOBROMINE: Strength through Chocolate (a natural cacao extract) to double down on remineralization & help with hypersensitivity.

  • NO WEAK SAUCE: No artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Free from dyes, peroxide, triclosan and parabens. SLS Free, SLES Free, DEA Free, BPA Free, Fluoride Free, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free. Vegan Friendly. PETA Approved. A revolutionary charcoal toothpaste with an RDA Score of 79; activated charcoal the way it was always intended - whiten without worry! 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • MORE THAN A PASTE: Grind is a subtle reminder to get after it; grind; and never quit. #getactivated with the first product you'll grab each morning and last one you'll use each night. (Grind. Rinse. Repeat.) Veteran-Owned and Purpose Driven. On a mission is to source the finest ingredients and employ the best toothpaste in the world, while helping the veteran community. 

The first product you'll grab each morning and last one you'll use each night. A subtle reminder to go after it; grind; and never quit.


Made in the USA  |  Veteran-Owned  |  Purpose Driven

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jasmyne Hennegan
Best toothpaste Ever!

I have tried si many toothpaste and none of them did as they promised or made my mouth feel as clean as it should after brushing or if it did it made my teeth sensitive. I am so happy I found Grind! I will be sticking with them :) I absolutely love this toothpaste. It makes me love brushing and smiling knowing my teeth are truly clean. Most of all I don't have to dread the horrible long lasting taste that wrecks anything you drink for the next hour like so many other toothpaste..

Dan T
Helps with sensitivity

Helps to cure sensitivity. Pleasant tasting. Looks and acts like other charcoal toothpastes - a little different than traditional toothpaste.

Brady H
Grind toothpaste review

I think the grind toothpaste is awesome it cleans my mouth well i am not left with a dry aftertaste in my mouth and the bad breath that ive been having is no longer a problem with grind toothpaste plus it totally busts my sensitivity my sensitivity is totally gone after using grind and my teeth feel thicker stronger and more rebuilt then anything definitely 5 star rating worthy

Love it

It’s light and it doesn’t stain my toothbrush #GrindRiseRepeat

Jeff Bryant

Its good I like it ill buy more