An Army Veteran and an NFL veteran join forces to combat oral care problems.


We are not 'Big Toothpaste'; we are real people living the grind culture and we're on a mission to do good through toothpaste. 

My wife and I joined forces with NFL veteran, Marques Ogden to shake up the toothpaste industry! In doing so, we redefined charcoal toothpaste with our first product - Grind Toothpaste.

Grind began with a problem. Many dentist’s openly recommend against charcoal toothpaste due to abrasion concerns and in some cases a lack of fluoride for cavity protection.

So "the grind" commenced. We took on this challenge.

After 9 months of formulation, revision and R&D, Grind was created and independently tested. The results - it has one of the lowest abrasion scores of any charcoal toothpaste on the market today. A Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) score of 79, which means it's safe for daily use! But it gets better...

Instead of stopping at fluoride-free; we actually replaced fluoride with two natural alternatives that are backed by real science. Endstate: Grind Toothpaste.

We flipped the script and changed the narrative on charcoal toothpaste; and that is just the beginning!

We are the first and only veteran-owned toothpaste company. The first and only NFL veteran owned toothpaste. And soon, we'll be the first toothpaste to take natural alternatives to fluoride mainstream! 

To 'Big Paste', make room, we're coming for you!


Team Grind is small. Family owned and operated; however, we are mission-driven with BIG plans for the future!

Roger L. Gindlesperger Jr., CEO & Co-Founder

Roger served 20 years in the U.S. Army, including 13-years in Special Operations and 14 combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. He retired in 2017 and drove inbound receive operations as an Area Manager with Amazon before launching Grind.

Mary Ann B. Gindlesperger, COO & Co-Founder

As a 20-year military spouse, including 13 years in the fast-paced Special Operations community, Mary Ann is highly adaptable and flexible to any situation. She is a tested volunteer that is committed, passionate and resilient. Today, Mary Ann drives the day-to-day Grind operation.

Marques Ogden, CMO & Co-Owner

Marques blocked for the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and the Jacksonville Jaguars during his 5-year NFL career. Marques is now in the trenches combating oral care problems! Today, Marques is on Offense, leading marketing efforts as Grind prepares to compete with the Toothpaste Giants. As a former athlete, Marques wants to win; and with his ambition and drive, Grind is ready to compete.


Grind is a lifestyle toothpaste brand designed to deliver; and destined to disrupt. We solve problems through grit, determination, innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Grind is a mindset and a movement. A movement that will enable this side hustle to compete with the toothpaste ‘giants’ of the world and change the industry as we know it today! 


Let's face it - toothpaste is a boring commodity; however; it's very much needed. It's a product most of us use every single day. So why can't we promote NATURAL toothpaste ingredients, INSPIRE and ultimately DO GOOD through toothpaste? A portion of every single purchase of Grind Toothpaste will support veterans in need. We can do more together.


We challenge you to go after it, grind, and above all else, never quit! It's subtle yet powerful. At face value it's a name on a tube; but it's much more. It's a message that promotes a never quit mentality centered around hard work, maximum effort, unwavering strength and an all-in commitment to push through; get back up to achieve the impossible.


We are committed to providing safe, great tasting, natural and extremely effective oral care products. Extraordinary products backed by science to help people increase their oral health, while creating a movement.


Do great through toothpaste. We push ourselves harder, faster and stronger to deliver on this promise by building trust with you; Customer First - Mission Always. We build trust through transparency. Transparency with every single ingredient in every product we create. From where the ingredient was sourced to why it's being used. Transparency with who we support and how your purchase matters. Bottom line - we deliver full transparency, great products and great value in order to achieve a great mission.


Customer First - Mission Always; Honor; Integrity; Respect; Teamwork; Selfless Service; Think Big; Ownership; Personal Excellence; and Continuous Improvement.


A short clip about our brand.